Rhode Island author releases free publication to educate children about North Atlantic right whales

The publication is free for anyone to download and contains educational information centered on conservation efforts.

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – The North Atlantic right whale is an endangered species that lives in the waters off of New England.

Keri Newman is an author and marine naturalist from Rhode Island.  Newman says, “There’s less than 350, and scientists think that they’re going to be extinct within the next 20 years.”

Newman wants to get the word out that the species needs our help.

Newman says, “They almost went extinct in the early 1900s because they were over-hunted.”

The population is still struggling today.  Newman has written a series of children’s books on sea life and endangered whales to inspire knowledge on the topic.

Newman says, “I really wanted to inspire children, because that’s when our hearts are really open.  If I hadn’t seen marine life, or grown up on the ocean as I child, I never would have had the passion I have today.”

One of her latest publications focuses squarely on the endangered North Atlantic right whale, and she’s making it available free of charge.

Newman says, “My end goal is really to conserve whales and marine life, and get children excited to do it.  I just want to break down all the barriers.”

Newman says some steps adults can take include keeping boats at least 500 yards away from these whales, keeping speeds down, and helping prevent entanglement in fishing gear.  Meanwhile, she says it’s important for children to learn that we need to protect the ocean and its creatures.

Newman says, “They can get involved and start telling people, start telling their teachers, start telling their parents.  They can write letters to their congress people and their state representatives.”

To learn more about Keri Newman, and view her publications, visit: https://www.twistedorca.com/

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