Rhode Island Child Helps Make Large Donation To Hasbro Children’s Hospital

Through Boston-based foundation Resilience Gives, Henry has donated 90 pairs of socks to children undergoing cancer treatment.
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Photo Credit: Jake Teitelbaum

PROVIDENCE, RI – A young Providence boy has made it his mission to continue the work of a local non-profit by delivering to others a thoughtful gift he once received while undergoing treatment for cancer: a bright, colorful pair of socks.

One of 40 childhood “cancer warriors” across the country representing Boston-based nonprofit Resilience Gives, Henry is leading the charge at Hasbro Children’s Hospital to bring bright, colorful non-slip socks and gowns to children battling cancer. This month alone, Henry delivered 90 pairs of socks and 6 gowns with designs inspired by other children’s journeys with cancer. “It has been so well received by children and parents in our clinic,” says Courtney, a Child Life Specialist at Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s Tomorrow Fund Clinic. “One of our oncology patients was admitted to the PICU and while he was intubated I left the socks and gown for him. Today I checked on him and he is awake and was rocking his gown.”

Thanks to Giving Tuesday sales, founder Jake Teitelbaum says over 350 socks were donated to hospitals around the country including Hasbro Children’s Hospital where Henry is currently receiving treatment. While the holiday may happen only once a year, Teitelbaum says the concept of giving is something they incorporate into every sale. “It’s the best of both worlds of getting something and giving something,” he explained of their sales process. “You buy a pair of socks for yourself and we match your purchase by donating a pair to a child in the hospital.”

To learn more about Resilience Gives, visit their website at (1) Resilience Gives – resilience gives.



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