Rhode Island Democrats endorse Kalus before Jill Biden’s visit to stump for McKee

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WLNE) — Just one day before First Lady Jill Biden is set to stump Gov. Dan McKee in Rhode Island, Ashley Kalus unveiled the “Democrats for Kalus” at the “People Over Party Rally.”

Democrats who endorsed the Republican candidate for governor included former North Providence Mayor Dick Fossa, and former Speaker of the House Matt Smith.

“I don’t care if Ashley was a Martian from Mars,” said Fossa. “If she is the best person for the job, then she has my vote.”

Kalus called out McKee and Biden’s visit, calling it a desperation move with elections in two weeks.

“He needs to call folks from D.C. to bail him out, that’s unfortunate,” said Kalus. “I would like to talk about policies and issues. I don’t need to have a D.C. party in Rhode Island. But I get it he needs help.”

She continued, “My message is a message about the future of Rhode Island. It’s a message about what do we want for the future of our state. If you like my visions and like my policies, please joins us so we can have change.”

Adam Myers, an associate professor of political science at Providence College, believes both Kalus’ event and the visit by Biden show the bipartisan element of Rhode Island.

“Kalus knows she has to convince some of the Democrats to support her if she is going to win this race,” said Myers. “The McKee campaign wants to get some support from Democrats too.”

Myers believes this is a battle to dominate the headlines and win the undecided vote by each side.

He concluded, “At this point, it is fair to say that Kalus will really have to dominate the headlines if she has any chance of winning this race. The alternate path of her winning would be negative headlines McKees way. McKees going to do his best to rally the troops.”

First Lady Biden is set to arrive in Rhode Island at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday.

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