Rhode Island HEALTH to hold pertussis vaccination clinics

The Rhode Island department of health is recommending vaccination clinics in North Kingstown after 6 confirmed cases of pertussis, known as “whooping cough”, were discovered.

The 6 cases were found from students who attend Stony Lane Elementary School (4 found there), Davisville Middle School (1 case) and Hamilton Elemtary (1 case).

The first confirmed case was found on July 2.

Health recommends patients see their primary care physician to be immunized, but they will hold clinics for anyone who needs a vaccination.

Two clinic will be held Thursday, July 19th and Monday, July 23 from 4-7pm in the North Kingstown Highschool cafeteria, 150 Fairway Drive, North Kingstown.

Based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), HEALTH encourages anyone age 10 or older who has not previously received a Tdap vaccine and lives in North Kingstown or Jamestown to get vaccinated.

Children less than 10 years old who are not up to date in their five-dose series of DTaP should be vaccinated at their healthcare provider's office.

Caused by a bacterial infection of the lungs, pertussis is highly contagious and vaccine-preventable. Those with suspected or confirmed diagnoses of pertussis should stay out of work, school, or childcare until they have been on antibiotics for at least five days.
HEALTH receives reports of about 60 cases of pertussis each year.