Rhode Island House resumes hearings into 38 Studios

By News Staff

Reporting by Samantha Fenlon


A month after tens of thousands of 38 Studios documents were unsealed, lawmakers are resuming hearings looking for more answers concerning the failed $75 million video game company.

On Tuesday members of the House Oversight Committee were presented an updated timeline of the events leading up to the 2010 passage of the loan guarantee program that was used to get the money for the Curt Schillings video game company.

The nearly 40,000 court documents that were released in September reveal that the deal was in the works months before originally thought.

The chair of the house oversight committee, Rep. Karen MacBeth, is calling for Curt Schilling to come before the group of legislators digging for answers into the failed deal.

"There’s nobody that can give us the information that he has what he went through, the initial meetings that he had,” said MacBeth.

Representative MacBeth says the committee will send a letter to the former Red Sox pitcher. If he doesn’t respond she would like to subpoena him.

"He’s been very open on social media saying now the story is finally coming out and that people can see his role in this. it would be nice to hear it from him,” said MacBeth.

The oversight committee began hearings on 38 studios in 2013.

Now that they have resumed, the goal according to the committee is "restorative justice" which means making sure this doesn’t happen again.

"We have to understand how did this get jammed through despite all of these people screaming from the top of their lungs ‘do not do it, it’s a bad deal.’ That is problematic. We need to figure out how that happened and we need to absolutely figure out how are we going to avoid that from ever happening again,” said Rep. Michael Chippendale.

"This got through the legislature because two people were able to get it by. That tells you power is too centralized in our system and that’s the way our system is set up in Rhode Island. We need to change that,” said Rep. Brian Newberry.

The committee also plans to send out a letter to Deloitte asking the company to come forward. They were hired to do a forensic audit of 38 Studios under the previous administration.

38 Studios went bankrupt back in 2012.  A lawsuit is still pending.

MacBeth says another hearing will be held next week.

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