Rhode Island ‘middle of the pack’ for administering COVID-19 vaccines

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Rhode Island is ranked in the middle of the pack for state’s getting COVID-19 vaccines into arms.

According to the CDC, the state has recently been ranking in the mid-twenties out of all 50 states.

Local health experts told ABC 6 News the state isn’t higher in the rankings, because Rhode Island is taking a more organized approach than some other states with long lines of people waiting to get vaccinated.

According to Dr. Tom Bledsoe with Rhode Island Hospital, the state is using its supply to first target the populations of people most at-risk for catching or carrying COVID-19 and then moving onto populations that are less at-risk for COVID-19 infection.

The state is still in Phase 1, but Dr. Bledsoe said he excepts the general population to start getting vaccinated in Phase 3 by summer of 2021.

The Biden Administration already plans to increase distribution of COVID-19 vaccines by next week after purchasing 200 million doses, which Bledsoe said would of course help get more people vaccinated in Rhode Island.

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