Rhode Island restaurant owner says he will not be opening his dining rooms in Phase 2

Pats Italian

COVENTRY, R.I. (WLNE) – A Rhode Island restaurant owner says he won’t be opening up his dining rooms in Phase 2, even though the state says he can.

Greg Stevens, the Owner of Pat’s Italian in Johnston and Coventry says, even though it’s been difficult to keep his dining areas closed, reopening them doesn’t feel safe enough yet for himself or his employees.

The two restaurant locations will continue to provide takeout only, until more is understood about the virus and more restrictions can be lifted.

“I don’t want to put yellow tape across tables that ‘you can’t sit here.’ And, there’s going to be people that come in that refuse to put on the mask, and I’m not going to want to be the mask police either. And there’s going to be people that say ‘there’s a table open, I want to sit there.’ If you knew the restaurant business, even when you try to put a wait on, on a Saturday night, and there’s empty tables, people want to sit at them. We’re just not prepared to fight that battle.” Said, Stevens.

Stevens says when there are no more mask requirements, and he can open up all his tables, and the number of deaths per day is very low, then he’ll consider opening his dining areas again.

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