Rhode Island sees disease-free mosquitos, CT sees West Nile

An Asian Tiger Mosquito. (Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management released the latest results from a test of mosquito samples for the summer.

The state is continuing the trend of there being no positive results for either West Nile Virus or Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

Mosquitos that were tested on were collected from traps set in Wethersfield on July 17.

The DEM said that residents can help with mosquito control by removing backyard larval habitats, such as clogged gutters and puddles.

Horse owners are also advised to vaccinate their animals early in the season.

Residents should also look out for the Asian Tiger Mosquito, which is a daytime biter with a recognizable black and white pattern.

Connecticut mosquitos that were also collected on July 17 tested positive for West Nile Virus.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health previously found West Nile Virus in mosquitos the state had tested.

Neither state has had any positive EEE tests yet this year.

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