Rhode Island Senate Votes To Ban Tanning For Minors


     Teens, tanning salons and parents are talking about it, state lawmakers making a decision on what would be one of the toughest anti-tanning laws in the country.
“Some fifty, sixty year old guy who's probably never been in a tanning salon probably doesn't know the ins and the outs and that's the, that's where we clash” said Joshua Smith, who owns a salon.
     Smith has been in the business for 15 years now, seeing dozens of teens come through these doors.
“I have kids come all year round whether it's just to get some color, whether it's proms, dances, holidays. it can be from a few a weeks to sixty or seventy a week,” said Smith.
     15 year old Sarah Medeiros has gone tanning a few times and planned to continue. but lawmakers are trying to make it so she'll need a prescription next time she steps into a tanning booth, which she says should be her choice.
“because it's our bodies, and like, we understand the consequences, so if we want to make the decision to tan, that's our consequence if something bad happens,” said Medeiros.
     Parent Michele Silva says she doesn't agree. she says her fourteen year old is not old enough to make the decision to tan, and frankly she doesn't want to make the choice either.
“Because sometimes when your child asks for something, you don't want to say no and it's just