Rhode Islanders bracing for frigid temperatures

We're going to feel some of the coldest temperatures we've felt since 2019.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Temperatures in Southern New England are about to take a dive overnight Thursday. We’re going to feel some of the coldest temperatures we’ve felt since 2019.

Some here in soon-to-be polar Providence told ABC 6 they’re actually looking forward to it.

“Yeah I actually really like the cold!” said Brown Student Lauren Yang. “It reminds me that it’s winter time and it just makes like, life in the indoors extra cozy.”

Yang says she’ll likely be inside on Friday when it’s coldest, but says she’ll be bundling up if she has to walk around on campus.

Emergency Doctor at Kent Hospital Vincent Varamo says it’s important to be wearing layers with temperatures in the teens and below.

“Cold weather exposure, layering your clothes, minimizing exposed skin,” said Varamo.

And that means on your feet as well. He says you don’t want to be out there wearing tennis shoes.

“The cold related injuries like frost bite and things like that are less common here but they can still happen, like trench foot can happen when people aren’t layering appropriately,” said Varamo.

Joanna Cichomski moved to Providence from Chicago and says she isn’t afraid of a little extra cold weather, but she likely won’t be out and about.

“I’ll probably be inside for the most part. Like I’m not planning on leaving the house,” said Cichomski.

If she does, she says she’s not planning on being outside for long.

“I’ll just bundle up and put on a couple of layers and it’s fine,” said Cichomski. “I walk really fast too, so that keeps me warm!”

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