Rhode Islanders choose small gatherings for holiday, even in phase three

As Rhode Island entered phase three this week and social distancing guidelines have been eased up, some residents are not taking any chances for the Fourth of July.

Gov. Raimondo announced that groups of 25 can gather indoors, while outdoors, groups of 50 will be allowed to gather.

According to AAA Northeast, 38 percent of people said they will be traveling during the holiday, although many will be opting to hit the beach.

For some, like Pascoag resident Linda McCabe, she said it’s not worth taking any risks because she’s considered high-risk when it comes to COVID-19.

“Because there’s a lot of people and they’re not going to wear masks It’s just going to be dangerous, I think,” McCabe said. “I don’t think we’re over this yet.”

McCabe’s Independence Day is usually spent at her neighbor’s house who always throws a big party.

“Real big crowd of people in the next door neighbors yard you know drinking and having a good ole time, boats going by, we have boat parade on the lake,” she said.

But this year is going to be different, as she’ll be listening to the party from the comfort of her own home.

“I’ll have a friend or two at my house and that’s it,” she said. “If I get it it would probably kill me. I won’t survive it like a young person would.”

Pat Weiffenbach lives in Pawtucket and she said she won’t be heading to the beach either, more because she hasn’t typically been a big fan of it.

However, she believes that a lot of people hitting the water will be complying with the guidelines.

“There’s a concern but I think most Rhode Islanders have been very good about caring about their fellow Rhode Islanders and wearing their maks,” Weiffenbach said.

Her plans will be to head to her brother’s home, but she won’t be catching up with people she hasn’t seen before the pandemic hit.

“Basically the same kind of group of people that we’ve been with throughout maybe just a little bit expanded,” she said.

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