Rhode Islanders clean up in time for second weekend storm

By: Amanda Pitts



PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Snow fell across Southern New England Saturday, marking the first of two storms this weekend.

“I think the groundhog had a laugh on all of us. He said, I’m gonna tell them, cause that’s what they want to hear,” said Debbie Ladd of Providence.

Saturday’s snow, falling steadily for most of the morning and early afternoon, was wet and heavy. Making it a tough job for those hoping to dig out before the next round.

“Well, I’m from Maine, so I’m used to it. I used to look forward to the winter. Now that I’m down here, I don’t like it! The older I get the less I like it,” said Brian Ladd of Providence.

Ray Cloutier of North Providence said he can’t be mad about how this winter is turning out.

“We have really not too much to complain about as far as snow goes. I’m sure all of our state budgets and town budgets are happy this year because they haven’t spent as much money on snow removal,” said Cloutier.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation spent less than half of their $20,000,000 snow removal budget.

Residents are staying positive that warmer days are near.

“I look at it that it’s almost over, one way or the other, and we’ll all be back to spring pretty soon,” said Cloutier.

“It is March, and before we know it we’ll be complaining about the heat,” said Ladd.

Rhode Island State Police responded to 14 motor vehicle accidents turning Saturday’s storm.

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