Rhode Islanders find ways to cope with nor’easter

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — Across Rhode Island, winter is here.

In Warwick, people were stocking up on supplies at Ocean State Job Lot.

“This is a boot organizer, which is great for the weather, when you get snow, rain,” said Edwin Alejo of Cranston.

He was also concerned about wind, and preparing for potential power outages.

“It’s always good to have candles, batteries, anything that you can have one step up on the bad elements that could potentially kill your power,” Alejo said.

Manager Mike “Del” Delloiacono says people are buying multiples of the same item, perhaps because of the pandemic.

“Maybe they’re making less trips to the store, so maybe they’re more apt to grab that one or two jugs of ice melt, or maybe a scraper that they’re not sure if they have one for a spouse’s car,” he said. “Grabbing two bags of ice melt as opposed to one.”

In Johnston, there were tough conditions on the roads, with ponding in some spots and slushy snow in others.

Rosalie Doherty says she would’ve liked to see more plows.

“I live on a road where they don’t get out very often,” she said. “We rely on our neighbors doing our own thing.”

But others were taking it all in stride.

“We’re ready for it,” said Jean McCormick of Warwick. “We’re New Englanders, right?”

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