Rhode Islanders flock to state beaches amid post-Labor Day heat advisory

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WLNE) — With the heat advisory on Wednesday, Rhode Islanders spent the day hitting the beach soaking up the last days of Summer.

“I just came to get a last few days of the beach,” said North Providence resident Crystal Wysong. “I love it, I didn’t get to the beach at all this summer, but since the weekend we’ve been twice, so that’s good.”

Wysong said she’s been to the beach more in the last week than the entire summer.

Another beach-goer, Joseph Forcellina said given the Fall-like temperatures last week, it’s nice to get a few more hot days in.

“Just enjoying the last few days of summer, try and extend it as much as I can and take in the heat, you know,” Forcellina said.

Labor Day weekend marks the end of the season for state beaches in the Ocean State, and Forcellina said that has its perks.

“Not having to pay to get in, for sure, and there’s kind of less people here,” Forcellina explained.

Off-season also means there’s no lifeguards on duty, which is something Wysong said people should keep in mind when heading to all state beaches after Labor Day, but emphasized Scarborough State Beach in particular.

“My son got sucked out years ago, so I would be really careful, because the undertow is really bad here,” Wysong continued.

URI students were also flocking to state beaches on Wednesday. They started classes this week but they told ABC 6 News that’s not stopping them from soaking up the high temperatures.

“It’s supposed to be our first day of classes but us seniors only have Tuesday, Thursdays so we thought, why not, we live right down the street,” said URI student, Jenna Weber.

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