Rhode Islanders respond to Romney’s visit

“This is the overflow room. Oh, my goodness.”
     Before the Town Hall Meeting, Mitt Romney greeted those who couldn't get in with an impromptu speech.

     “It's not that the liberals are ignorant. It's that what they know is wrong.”
     And what these republicans think Romney knows is…

     “The Economy… Healthcare.”

     “He knows about business. He knows what people have to do to employ other people. Pay Taxes, and all the things I don't think politicians know about,” said Richard Delfino, a Romney supporter.

     Angela Hoff, also a Romney supporter, has other reasons to vote for Romney. “Are you aware that Mitt Romney passed a health care law in Massachusetts and is against the national healthcare law? That's okay. It's a whole different ball game. You can't compare a state to the whole nation,” said Hoff.

     Among the sea of republicans, there was a democrat. The top Rhode Island democrat was there to share his views on Obama's likely opponent. ABC6's Shannon O'Brien asked Edwin Pacheco, Chair of the Rhode Island Democratic Party, if he had anything positive to say about Romney.

     “He was governor of Massachusetts,” Pacheco said, with a smile on his face.