Rhode Islanders take advantage of warm weather

By: Melissa Toupin


You couldn't go anywhere today without people talking about the beautiful day. Anyone working indoors was looking for any reason to get outside. The warmer temperatures finally making it feel like winter is behind us.

The weather attracted golfers to the green. Triggs Memorial Golf Course in Providence was bustling by mid afternoon. For many it was the first round of the year.

“It's been a long hard winter so I think everyone is looking forward to the summer…especially on the golf course,” said Tom Difusco of North Kingstown.

The line for ice cream at Ben and Jerry's on Meeting St. was so long it extended around the corner. Some people waited as long as 35 minuets for a scoop. The mild temperatures timed out perfectly with the chain's annual free cone day. Owners at that location estimate they will go through 5,000 ice cream cones by closing time.

“It's always packed, but because of the weather it's defiantly more crowded,” said Lorell Ferri, co-owner of the Providence ice cream shop.

The sun was also shining in the Roger Williams National Memorial where flowers are starting to bloom. Park goers took advantage of the day by basking in the rays, enjoying a stroll, or by having a picnic.

“Oh my god it's gorgeous! Finally we have this good weather,” said Elizabeth King of North Attleboro.

“We need the sunshine. It makes everybody feel better,” said Sandra Adorno of Cranston.