Rhode Island’s tall ship falls during storm’s strong winds

Courtesy of Rocky Steeves

By The Associated Press


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Rhode Island’s tall ship has been toppled by strong wind gusts during the snowstorm that’s pounding the state.     USS 

Providence owner and captain Thorpe Leeson says the ship sustained extensive damages when it fell on its side overnight at the Newport Shipyard. It was stored there for the winter.

Leeson says the mast is broken and the hull is punctured. Extra supports were added as a precaution but they couldn’t sustain the heavy winds.        Leeson says it’s a sad day, but the ship will “come back to life.”

Leeson says he expects insurance to cover the damages and plans to get the ship in the water by the end of the summer.

 The replica of the Continental sailing vessel Providence is the state flagship and tall ship ambassador.

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