RI Air Show brings in thousands

Thousands poured into Quonset State Airport Saturday for this weekend's Air Show. It was a perfect day, with crystal clear skies, for planes to dip and dive thousands of feet in the air.

Air show weekend in Rhode Island is known for its daredevil stunts, those funny looking ear protectors kids wear, and traffic, a lot of it. “It was like an hour in traffic,” said one visitor. “Yeah, next year we might leave a little earlier to maybe miss some of the morning traffic, but it's not too bad,” said Michelle Chappell.

It wasn't too bad because of what was at the end of these bumper to bumper cars. There were planes, helicopters, and jets gliding through the sky dipping, diving, and swirling.

“The different technology and the different stunts that the different airplanes can do, and our boys, well our older boy loves it,” said Chappell.

This is her family's third year bringing their three kids to Quonset for the Air Show. Little 5 year old Hudson looks forward to it all year long. He likes the airplanes with the big explosions, and he's not the only one.

“Just pretty cool how good they are flying these and not crashing into each other and stuff like that,” said T.J. Harrigan, “It's pretty cool to watch.”

“It's awesome,” said Dennis Harrigan, “It's one of the best air shows I've been to.”

Especially this year, with mother nature on their side. “The weather is nice, 70 degrees, not too hot,” said Doug Gray.

The Air Show is not just about a good time. Volunteers collect donations for local charities like Hasbro Children's Hospital. More than a million dollars have been raised since the event began several years ago.