RI air show returns

By Dana Griffin



QUONSET, RI- Jaw–dropping stunts and fast jets bring thousands to the Quonset Airport each year.

“To fly that fast, what’s it a 400 mph plus, 18 inches apart. Some people can’t even drive like that at 20 mph,” said spectator, Joe Breton.

Last year’s show was canceled due to the sequestration and this year, people are excited to back watching the stars of the show: The Blue Angels.

But it’s what’s going on in the background that’s making a financial difference for organizations like the Woonsocket Boys and Girls club.

“As you know boys and girls scouts are a non profit so the kids have to raise money to attend activities,” said scout master, Mike Heroux.

There are also volunteers raising money for veteran services. The equipment and food are provided. All volunteers have to do is give their time and they get a cut of the proceeds.

Public affairs officer, Christopher Peloso said, “It was unfortunate that we lost it last year. There were a lot of sad faces walking around here but, I can tell you today, there were a lot of happy faces.”

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