Rhode Island Blood Center launches ‘Thank the Donor’ program

R.i Blood Center In Urgent Need Of Donations

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The Rhode Island Blood Center launched a new program that allows patients to thank their blood donors.

The “Thank the Donor” program give patients the opportunity to write an anonymous letter to the person donating the blood that’s being transfused.

“We are always looking for opportunities to enhance the donor experience and emphasize the importance of their gift of life,” said Nicole Pineault, director of donor resources for Rhode Island and Connecticut Blood Centers. “Thank the Donor is a unique way to illustrate the donor’s real world impact and put a story or face behind each pint of blood they give.”

The program started at the Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, in partnership with the Rhode Island and Connecticut Blood Center.

Any recipient that wants to send a thank you letter can scan a QR code that’s on each unit of blood. The code will send a link that allows people to write a kind message.

All messages will be looked over to make sure that they don’t include any inappropriate information, such as contact or personal information.

Currently, there’s an ongoing blood shortage emergency in the region.

Anyone looking to book an appointment to donate can visit the blood center’s website or call 401-453-8383.


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