RI Commerce Corporation looking for locals help on tourism campaign

By Ana Bottary



The Commerce Corporation board looking to Rhode Islanders for inspiration. They’re asking people to weigh in- on the states new tourism campaign.
"One of the clear lessons we learned in the mistakes of the first role out is the team didn’t do enough to engage the public. Rhode Islanders are passionate about their state,"says Governor Gina Raimondo.
Commerce Corporation board chairwoman, Governor Raimondo, along with secretary Stefan Pryor and Epic Decade CEO Seth Goldenberg, asked for Director’s feedback on their proposed plans at the boards meeting Monday night. Goldenberg says he is preparing to open a "story studio headquarters" this week.

"What he is doing is he is going to put a website out. He is going to allow people to send in digital content and videos and ideas. Also, do these studios, places where people can show up to help us craft the logo,"says Governor Raimondo.
Rhode islanders we caught up with are happy, their voices will be heard.
"As a RISD student I think opening up to the public is a good idea. Because we do have like an art school that is right here that like specializes in like creative marketing, like graphic design students,"says RISD student, Joanna Claessan.
"More people will be involved in it, and we are the people of the state, we know what is good here right?"says Marie Hearn.
The Commerce Corporation board says all expenses for the campaign will remain within the $5 million initially set aside. The Governors Press person also confirms, Goldenberg will earn an additional $50,000 for taking on the role of creating advertising content.

"It’s really all about inviting Rhode Islanders to make it their own,"adds Governor Raimondo.

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