RI couple honeymooning in city affected by Ebola

By: Melissa Randall

A Providence couple honeymooning in Africa is getting ready to fly into one of the cities where health officials are racing to contain the deadly Ebola virus. Jeremy Ogunba and new wife Charity have been staying in Abuja for the last week, and on Sunday will board a plane to their next destination, Lagos, which has been affected.

“We’ve watched some of the different stories going on related to the Ebola virus here but we haven’t been sitting in front of the TV for too long. We don’t want to soak all of that in as much as most people are,” said Jeremy Ogunba.

On Friday The World Health Organization has declared it an international health emergency. The couple says they were checked for symptoms as soon as they stepped off the plane.

“When we came in through the airport they were testing peoples temperatures to see if people had a high enough temperature to see if they had Ebola or not,” said Charity Williams- Ogunba.

US officials say the current crisis in West Africa is on pace to sicken more people than all past outbreaks combined. Nearly 1,000 have died, and more than 1,700 are sick.

The couple feels confident the government in Lagos has the situation under control. The newly weds aren’t going to let the outbreak stop them from enjoying their time together.

“We’re not going to fear it,” said Ogunba.

Jeremy’s dad is from Lagos the couple will be staying with family. They will be there for 12 days.

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