RI DEM issue an advisory to all animal shelters

By: News Staff


25-year-old Anthony Stravado’s picture is posted at animal shelters all around Rhode Island. It’s a reminder from the Department of Environmental Management that he has been released from the ACI, and is prohibited to own or be in contact with animals per court order.
"The advisory was sent out as a warning, so what they’re assuming is that this man is going to go looking for other animals to abuse,” says Director Paul Rose of the Cumberland Animal Control.
According to the release, Stravato has been convicted of multiple felonies. This includes back in 2014, when he told police he took his mom’s cat Cuddles into the woods behind the Riverside Rec. field and brutally killed her.

"I’ve been doing this 27 years. This is the first advisory that was sent out…But thankfully they’ve changed the laws regarding animal abusers. They’ve made the penalties much stiffer,” adds Rose.

The advisory also includes his girlfriend.

Providence Animal Control Director, Erika Cole says it should be shared with  surrounding states as well.
"He might lay low for a little while so this is something we should watch out for, for the next even few years I would say in Massachusetts and Connecticut as well should be on the look out,” says Cole.
Cole says while shelters should be alert, people selling animals online should also be vigilant.
"I just did a quick search and there is somebody giving away free Doberman puppy. People giving away animals on Craigslist really need to be aware of what he looks like,” She adds.

If Stravato enters a facility to adopt or purchase an animal, the facility is asked to contact Lieutenant Cabral of the RI Department of Environmental Management/Division of Law Enforcement at 401-222-3070.

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