RI Eats: Blackie’s in Smithfield

SMITHFIELD, R.I. (WLNE) — Not even two months at their new location, and Blackie’s has kept their loyal following, and then some.

“It’s really hard to find restaurants that are run by women chefs,” said Kristen Adamo of the Providence-Warwick Convention and Visitors Bureau. “They take pub fare and they just bring it to the next level.”

I caught up with owners Jeanine Iannucci and Angie Armenise, who bought Blackie’s from the previous owners in 2011. 

“Quickly after purchasing it together, we decided to redesign what Blackie’s was, and that is all due to Angie’s creativity,” said Iannucci.

That creativity has been fully realized in this new, bigger space.

“It allowed us to do everything we needed to do with finally some opportunity to do things we wanted to do,” said Iannucci. 

Things like a pizza and wine bar, two dining rooms, separate gluten-free cooking space and a private tasting room you can book.

“You get me with you the entire time, just cooking and kind of relaxing and having that chef-y cool fun vibe,” said Armenise.

Armenise and Iannucci say the key to their success has been always having each other’s backs.

“Always having that partner in crime has been the winning solution for sure,” said Armenise.

“And it’s very easy for me to do my job knowing that everything that she creates comes straight from her heart,” said Iannucci.

For Chef Angie, good food is all about simplicity.

“I think it’s just inspired fresh food,” said Armenise. “Bringing in as much local products as we can, but also just being inspired by the ingredients, simple ingredients.”

Among those inspired dishes, the “clean machine” salad–featuring shaved baby kale with red onion, avocado, quinoa and a roasted lemon vinaigrette.

Among Blackie’s other featured items, pizza that gets back to basics, and the ooey-gooey “diner burger.”

“When you get to a level of success and you master something, reach back and bring somebody else forward, and constantly be grateful,” said Armenise.

Blackie’s is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

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