RI Group prepares for Boston rally

Leaders of the Providence chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America spent their Friday night preparing safety strategies and first aid kits ahead of the planned "Free Speech Rally" in Boston.

"God forbid something happens we want everyone to be prepared,” said Paul Rakotoarisoa a Co-Chair of the Providence DSA.

The group is bringing around 30 people to the Boston Common to take part in the counter–protest of the rally which is expected to be full of white supremacists.

"I’m looking forward to the opportunity to make my voice heard as a person of color, as a member of my community and as a member of this country,” said Rakotoarisoa.

The demonstration comes a week after bloodshed in Charlottesville Virginia re–ignited fears over hate and bigotry in this country.

"It’s when an instance like this happens that we need to rally together and make sure that something happens long–term,” said Alex Loehrer a co-chair of the DSA.

Barriers will separate each group on Saturday.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh spoke out about the rally on Friday.

No backpacks or weapons of any kind will be allowed near the protest.

"If anything gets out of hand we will shut it down,” said Walsh.

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