Rhode Island gubernatorial candidates give final pitch on eve of primary elections

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Democratic candidates in the race for Rhode Island governor gave their final messages to voters, hours before polls open across the state.

Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea focused on decades of public service, explaining, “It’s proven leadership. It’s 30 years of being in the community, helping solve big problems, and that they know that they can trust when I say, ‘I am going to fix the housing crisis. I’m going to be their housing governor. That I am going to make sure that their education is of high quality, and that we are going to become leaders in renewable energy.”

Former Secretary of State Matt Brown told ABC 6 News that only real change can come with a change in leadership, citing rising inflation.

He explained, “We really need change here. What we are going to do when we come into office is to make this a state where everybody can raise a family. Everybody can make end’s meet and make a life for themselves.”

Gov. Dan McKee was unavailable to speak Monday evening. The incumbent released a statement reading in part: “This election is about leadership and the future of Rhode Island. I am asking Rhode Islanders to remember where we were on March 2, 2021 — the day I took office as Governor. We had one of the lowest vaccination rates, and one of the highest death rates per capita, of any state in the nation. We are now the most vaccinated state in the country.”

Helena Foulkes received an endorsement from U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Sunday.

“Well, I’ve never been a politician, but I think what people have seen over the last month is I really know my issues,” said Foulkes. “I do my homework, I study hard. In many ways, because I’ve never been in politics and because of my background, I have never been pulled to anyone. So, I am really here to serve the people of Rhode Island.”

Dr. Luis Muñoz’s name will also be on the Democratic ticket.

Jonathan Riccitelli will face off against Ashley Kalus — the heavy Republican favorite to go up against the Democratic winner in November.

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