RI Home Show Features Built 2,800 Sq. Foot Home

By Matt Blanchette


twitter: @mattblanchette

The Rhode Island Home Show is back at the Convention Center again starting on Thursday.

In addition to hundreds of booths and instructional seminars, there is one giant attraction on the convention floor.

At 2,800 square feet, this modular home definitely did not fit through the doors at the Convention Center.

“Proper planning. bringing everything with tractor trailer trucks. Having our cranes here, and just the logistics of everyone had a job,” Carol O'Donnell, owner of CRM Modular Homes, said. “They knew what it was, they knew what time to be here and it just all worked together.”

Remarkably, starting at 6 a.m. Monday the team worked around the clock to get the home completed inside and out.

“I think what we are looking to do is to inspire folks to get out there shovels and trowels this spring and think about planting a few vegetables in their home landscape,” said Catherine Weaver of Tupelo Garden Works in North Kingstown.

Not only is this a show home, but after this weekend home show it will be picked up and moved to North Scituate and will be for sale.

And everything inside the home is available for purchase as well, right down to the furniture.

“You know it really takes all of these different business to produce what you see here and so everyone here has an opportunity to showcase what they bring to that table,” Weaver said.

“This house is amazing. When people come in here, they are going to be absolutely shocked,” O'Donnell added.