RI hospital buys location proposed for Pawsox stadium

By Stephanie Vargas


Rhode Island Hospital buys Victory Place in Providence which was a potential location for the Pawsox stadium.

Lifespan Corporation has announced they will pay $7.750 million for the 5.3 acre on Eddy Street that is located across the street from the Lifespan-owned Coro Complex.

A Businessman from JAG Investment Realty, Richard Gudoian, Jr., who owns Victory Place, gave a generous gift to Rhode Island hospital making it possible for the hospital to purchase the property.

Once the land is developed the site will be renamed after the Gudoian family.

The president and CEO of Lifespan Timothy J. Babineau said in a statement, “Because of the generosity of Rick Gudoian, Rhode Island Hospital is able to purchase an important piece of land that complements major elements of our research and clinical activity infrastructure. While we have no immediate plans for the land, I assure you it will play an important role in our ongoing efforts to anchor the knowledge economy in Providence. This thriving sector will help our state play an even more prominent role in this region and help attract jobs associated with new biomedical, research and related enterprises.”

“I am delighted to help make this land available to Rhode Island Hospital and Lifespan. It is a natural fit, both in proximity and future use. I am confident the gift will help Rhode Island Hospital and Lifespan continue their important work in serving the health care needs of Rhode Islanders and continue their many economic contributions to the state,” said Richard Gudoain.

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