RI lacrosse player hunkering down for Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence continues to intensify with more than a million people in both Carolinas and Virginia under evacuation orders, one Rhode Island lacrosse player at Duke University plans on hunkering down and riding out the storm.

Joey Manown was a standout at LaSalle and is now playing lacrosse at Duke University in North Carolina, right in the path of the monster storm.

Manown tells ABC 6 that the talk around campus is everyone’s hoping the storm won’t be as bad as everyone thinks it will be.

"Praying for the people who are really on the coast who are going to get hit the hardest," Manown said. "I’ll be with all my teammates and stuff so we’ll just bunker down in the apartment."

Meanwhile back at home, his parents Tim and Kelly are a bit worried about the strength of the storm barreling toward the coast.

"It’s a little nerve wracking. As a mom I like to be in control of everything so having my son away from me is not easy," said Kelly Manown.

"You just kind of say a prayer and hope they’re making good decisions and staying safe," said Manown’s father, Tim. "They’re college kids. Sometimes they’ll be knuckleheads."

The Manowns said they were thinking about putting Joey on a plane and getting him out of the area, but letters from coaches and the school put their minds at ease.

They said that if things were to get bad, several of Joey’s teammates are out of the impact zone so they would have a safer place to stay.

"They’re going to be taken care of," said Joey’s mom. "They had a meeting with the boys to make sure they understand safety."

But Joey said even with the risk of losing power, he and his teammates will make the most of it.

"Should be fun," he said. "Hopefully it’s some good bonding, good time with the boys."

Manown said Duke University will cancel all classes after 5:00 p.m. Wednesday with all operations shutting down Thursday at noon ahead of the storm.