RI man, FL woman meet in-person after keeping in-touch for 20 years after wrong number dial

"I guess you know, always answer the phone. I would have never met her if I didn't."

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Twenty years ago Mike Moffitt, from Rhode Island, did something we’ve all done once or twice before- answered a phone call from a random number.

“I got a call from a Florida number, I tend to always answer my phone because in business you never know who is calling you so I always answer it,” Mike recalls.

The person on the other end, was a woman named Gladys from Delray Beach, Florida.

She told Mike that she was trying to reach her daughter in Maryland. An easy mix-up in area codes (401 and 410).

“Right before I could say anything she hung up. And then it happened again maybe a couple minutes later, but then she would hang up again,” Moffitt says.

For days, weeks, months- Gladys would accidently call Mike. One day Mike says ‘hey, if this is going to happen let’s get to know each other!’

And get to know each other is exactly what the two did. Soon the calls from Gladys weren’t by accident- they were to Mike, asking about his family and how the weather was in Rhode Island.

For 20 years the two kept in touch from thousands of miles away. Finally in November of 2021, the two got to chat in person.

Mike says his family was in the Delray Beach area for Thanksgiving. With the help of Gladys’ daughter, he surprised her at her home. She had no idea this day would come.

Moffitt says they will always keep in touch.

“I guess you know, always answer the phone. I would have never met her if I didn’t,” Mike says

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