RI mom uses lunch box napkin drawings to inspire and empower her daughter

By Alana Cerrone



If Meaghan Elderkin’s goal was to empower her 9-year-old daughter Holden, you could say she’s succeeded.

Holden: "It makes me feel…really special."

The Glocester mom has been drawing cute notes on Holden’s lunch box napkins since she was in preschool. As Elderkin explains, it started out just for fun. "You know like silly faces or different penguins or dinosaurs…or you know…really bad puns. Like mom jokes"

But it wasn’t until Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the presidential election that Elderkin decided to take female empowerment into her own hands…literally.

"I figured Holden could use a reminder that this definitely isn’t the end of the world, and there’s nothing we can’t get through."

She started adorning the napkins with inspirational quotes from powerful women throughout history, like Susan B. Anthony and Malala.

Now her message has spread far past Glocester. It’s gotten nationwide attention on social media and several websites. But in the end Elderkin says all that matters is her girls and girls across the world feel special. "I would love to just normalize empowerment for girls."

Holden says she never uses the napkins as just napkins. She saves them all in a special notebook. Unless, of course, she eats chocolate pudding, she says, because then she uses it.

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