Woman Nearly Loses Hundreds to Phone Scam

Phone scammers are scaring, even threatening people into giving away their money. A local woman exposed their gig after nearly falling for their scam herself.

She was so upset about the whole thing, she didn't want to be identified. She was threatened, harassed and ended up in tears. She almost gave up 500 dollars of her own money to the scammers and wants you to know it's not real.

A man named Mike Anderson, with a foreign accent, demanded money for a loan he claimed she made and also threatened her.

“And that if I didn't pay him by the end of the day the 496 dollars and and 35 cents, that they were going to take me to court and possibly put me in federal prison,” said the woman.

Anderson said  he was with an attorney's office, Morgan and Associates.

“It scared the living daylights out of me,” she said, “I couldn't think of anything where I would have that money for the loan.”

He had very specific demands, even dictated the letter he wanted her to include with the payment. “I was supposed to go to WalMart, get a prepaid Visa card, call him back with that card number with that 496 dollars and 35 cents on it, and in essence that money would have been lost,” she said.

But she didn't fall for it. She looked up the company online and saw several complaints about the same type of calls, so she contacted the attorney general's office to report it then called Anderson back.

“He proceeded to swear at me, calling me names and told me I didn't know who I was messing with,” she said.

The whole thing has been upsetting. It's been a tough year for her family, falling on hard financial times, her husband sick with cancer.

“I just feel bad for anyone that may have done it because they were so afraid that maybe they did owe that money,” she said.

The attorney general's office told the woman  they've had several complaints like this one and are having a hard time finding the scammers.