Rhode Islanders prepare for snow

By Ana Bottary



It’s been a mild start to winter but on Tuesday mother nature is taking a turn in the opposite direction. Snow, sleet, and freezing rain are on their way. Rhode Islanders like Joe Janetta headed out Monday to Benny’s to stock up on supplies.
"I believe in being prepared. I bought a shovel, I needed it real badly. But mainly, I came for the ice melt because we are sleet and freezing rain, and I also came for a brush to clean off the car," says Janetta.
Like Janetta, officials at Rhode Island Department of Transportation aren’t quick to forget last year. Depleted salt supplies, and not enough plows on the road made for tough travel on the roadways. This year RIDOT says they have it covered, due in part to the state’s first-ever 20 thousand ton salt reserve.
"The strategic reserve was to avoid the shortages we ran into the past few years, so we are head of the curve as far as that goes. We are much better prepared with that reserve pile," says Acting Administrator Joe Bucci.
Bucci says warmer temperatures this year have been helpful when it comes time to pre-treating the highways.

"Typically when the weather is as warm as it is, the pavement temperatures will be up, so it is less likely that the snow is going to stick quickly so that does work in our favor," adds Bucci.

Regardless, the DOT isn’t taking any chances. It’s all hands on deck.

Back at Benny’s, customers are playing it safe.

"I’d rather be prepared, my wife laughs at me but that’s what I do," says Janetta.

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