RI State Police bust burglar

by James Swierzbin


A career criminal is back behind bars after the Rhode Island State Police start tracking him based on the MO of recent break ins at some area Dunkin' Donuts.

State police arrested 46-year old David Degrasse early Thursday morning.

They did so after searching his apartment in West Warwick, finding ample evidence that Degrasse is the man in  surveillance pictures that were taken of a robber, who was breaking into a pair of Dunkin' Donuts and a convenience store in Exeter earlier this year.

“Based on the efficiency of the suspect and the method of
operation, it was apparent these crimes were professionally executed.” said Captain Michael Winquist, a Rhode Island State Police spokesman.

Degrasse fits that description and back in 2001 he was convicted of similar robberies at Dunkin' Donuts, where he used tools like these that were seized from his apartment on Thursday morning to cut the alarms and gain access to stores in the middle of the night.

“The alarm system was disabled by climbing on the roof and cutting the
wires to the power source and prying open the rear door of the
business.” said Captain Winquist.

In Degrasse's his apartment, investigators found not only burglary tools, but also about 600- dollars hidden inside a secret compartment in Degrasse's bedside table.

State police believe that Degrasse stole more than 30-thousand dollars during his burglary spree, which is a large sum for a man who was just released from prison, this past January.

“That's what they know. And if it's difficult to get a job sometimes
when you get out of jail, so they'll resort back to what they know.” said Captain Winquist.

Degrasse's burglary spree might not just be limited to a few Dunkin' Donuts and a convenience store. 

State police are currently working with police in 4-other cities around Rhode Island that think Degrasse, may be responsible for similar burglaries in their cities.