RI State Police increase presence following third beach brawl in a month

LINCOLN, R.I. (WLNE)- About 50 people were involved in a beach brawl Sunday at Lincoln Woods State Park.

The fight started around 7:00 Sunday night.

Involving mostly teenagers, it started on the beach and carried out into the parking lot.

No one was arrested or seriously hurt.

Park rangers, life guards and state police all assisted in breaking up the fight.

Video of the fight was sent to ABC6 from Woonsocket resident Latrill Alpen.

Alpen said he was in line for ice cream when he heard shouting and saw punches being thrown.

“I was just sitting there like is this really happening? I’m just trying to get ice cream. I felt bad though because there’s kids here and that’s not something you do at the beach,” Alpen said.

He added that the brawl took place in front of families with young children.

“There’s families here and what if a little kid got hurt. What if there was a kid in the water drowning and no one saw because there was a fight going on.”

This incident marks the third brawl to happen at Rhode Island beaches in the past month.

In response State Police plan to increase their presence at beaches statewide by conducting patrols every hour.

Police will be putting a focus on breaking up any large crowds or noise complaints.


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