RI Tea Party head says IRS targeting tea party is “chilling”

Dee DeQuattro


Some people are outraged as it has been revealed that members of the Internal Revenue Service targeted “tea party and “patriot” groups in 2011.

Rhode Island Tea Party Founder Colleen Conley said the local tea party was not targeted by the IRS.

“It seemed to me that the focus was on the larger state groups like Ohio,” said current RI Tea Party President Susan Wynne. “My guess is it had everything to do with the election and Ohio had so many electoral votes.”

Wynne said whatever the reason it is downright “frightening” that people in the United States would be targeted for their political beliefs.

“Honestly, the big picture is we have a government that is targeting group for their political ideologies and that is absolutely chilling,” said Wynne.

Congressman David Cicilline, who has been outspoken in his opposition to the tea party, said that he is “outraged” to learn that “certain members of the IRS may have engaged in a concerted effort to apply political pressure on citizens who were seeking to exercise their First Amendment rights to petition the government.”

He said he is confident that President Obama will “get to the bottom of this,” and “hold people accountable.”

Wynne said that while the RI Tea Party is completely independent of any of the national Tea Party groups she has heard that the national groups are planning to sue as a result of the recently revealed information.

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