Second RI Teen Charged Stealing From Work

In the span of a week, two Rhode Island teens were arrested for  embezzling cash. The first was at a Jamestown grocery store. Now, police say an 18 year old was stealing from a Dunkin Donuts in Barrington.

Janel Ramos actually turned herself in to police. We tried to speak with her at her East Providence home, but roommates said she was too embarrassed to talk about it.    

Barrington police officers told us 18 year old  Janel Ramos embezzled more than 12 hundred dollars from the Dunkin Donuts on County Road in Barrington.     

It all started in November. Police said she would over-ring slips, meaning she would ring up an order, give back change and then go into the register later and make the order a lesser amount and keep the difference.     

We did speak with one Dunkin Donuts employee who worked with Ramos, and she said she had no idea anything was going on.     

Although managers were not fooled, they got suspicious last month and filed a complaint with Barrington police. Ramos turned herself in on Tuesday.

She's facing embezzlement charges, which is a felony. She's set to go to court this March.