R.I. teens fight drunk driving with “mocktails”

The problem of teenage drinking has been around for decades. It was perhaps underscored again this week when Governor Chafee's 18-year old son was accused of trying to buy alcohol. There are teens trying to fight the problem, especially among their friends who drink and then drive.

     ABC6's Mark Curtis brings us their story from Lincoln, R.I.

     They were whipping and blending up a storm at Amica Insurance in Lincoln Thursday night. Teams from 24 High Schools competing in the annual “Mocktails” competition sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The drinks combined tasty non-alcoholic ingredients, but were mixed with some tough life lessons.

     Timothy Desmarais, a student at Bishop Hendricken High School, reflected on his loss due to drunk driving. “His whole family was a victim, even though he chose to drink. The lesson is, even though you feel on top of the world, and everything is going great for you, just one bad decision can change everything in your life.”

     The Mocktails event is especially important this time of year with it's message of non-alcoholic, but fun drinks. It is, after all, prom and graduations season. But the event isn't just about prevention. All the teams had to dedicate their displays in memory of someone killed or injured by a drunk driver. People such as Jillian Charron, Justin Nunes, Tori Andreozzi and Karen Dudley.

     Michaela Connell, who goes to Cumberland High School also experienced loss because of drunk driving. “We need some confidence, which she definitely had with her sports, to be able to say no to peer pressure which is so prevalent in today's society, especially with drugs and alcohol,” she said.

     Mark Curtis was one of the Mocktail judges. The choices were tough, but in the end the students from Lasalle Academy, Portsmouth and Scituate High Schools and the Prout School took home the top prizes.