RI tourism video editors ‘go all in on Rhode Iceland’

By: Melissa Randall



Early Friday morning Indie Whip took to social media to share a new clip about the making of Rhode Island’s now infamous tourism video.

“We chose Iceland because frankly, it’s dope,” said one of the co-founders.

The comment, raising the question, was it all on purpose? In the 2 ½ minute YouTube video Indie Whip employees are seen discussing that footage shot in Reykjavik. A green screen is seen being dropped and a few moments later a skate boarder appears. The film crew erupts when he nails a stunt. The scene is all too familiar for Rhode Islanders at this point.

In the video Indie Whip is seemingly taking ownership of the clip error, which they imply was done to create the next "viral" video. People ABC6 News asked on Friday were not buying it.

“That’s a good excuse. I think that’s a very good excuse— on their stupidity,” said Dave Myrick of Providence.

“That’s too much of a conspiracy theory. I don’t grant them that much intelligence,” said another man.

But what if all this is just one big April fool’s day joke?

“I guess in a way you can sit there and think maybe it is kind of a hoax. It could be one of those things where someone is just kind of ribbing us,” said John Renaud of Providence.

If it is a prank, Rhode Islanders ABC6 News caught up with aren’t’ laughing. Tax payers are on the hook for the $5 million "Cooler & Warmer" tourism campaign.

“I think they should take ownership on their faults. That was a mess up, and they don’t know how to back out of it now. All the money that was wasted on that? Ugh!” said Myrick.

Some might argue though that the "We are Rhode Island" video is a success, after all the point of viral video is to get people talking.

“In 2016 we’re going all in on Iceland,” the video ends.

Any way you slice it, Indie Whip seems to be making out. In a recent tweet the company says they are getting tons of leads on future work, and are getting lots of applications from people looking to work with them.

ABC6 News did reach out to the Providence based company on several platforms Friday, but had not heard back by noon time.

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