RI voters getting personalized texts from campaigns

With Rhode Island’s primary set for next week, candidates are doing whatever they can to get voters out to the polls.

You may have received a personalized text message from any number of campaigns. The modern approach may seem a bit much but it is completely legal.

The text is meant to get your attention, with the person on the other end calling you by first name and asking you to endorse a candidate.

Associate Professor Emeritus with Rhode Island College Kay Israel said the messages may seem a bit intrusive, but it’s all part of a changing political landscape.

"It’s become the go-to tool because the other tools just aren’t as effective as they used to be," Israel said. "When it comes to politics, it’s a matter of going as close to the edge as you can."

Israel advises those who do not want to receive a text to simply ask the person on the other end to stop, or just take your frustrations to the polls.

"They can consider it when they vote. I think that is the ultimate weapon in terms of saying ‘I don’t enjoy these call,’" he said. "It is one of the frustrations of politics as we now know it."

Israel said the campaigns got your number when you voluntarily wrote it down when you registered to vote.

The FCC said that even if you’re on the National No-Call Registry, you’re not exempt from political calls or texts because campaigns are considered not-for-profit.