RIBCO warns correctional officers after 3 assaults in two days

By: Dee DeQuattro

Email: Ddequattro@abc6.com

Twitter: @deedequattro

For the second day in a row the Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional Officers has sent an email to its members warning of violence at the Adult Correctional Institute.

According to the RIBCO on Tuesday an officer at the Intake Center was assaulted when he approached inmate Felix Rosado who was allegedly selling heroin from his cell. The officer observed Rosado throw a bundle of what appeared to be heroin into the toilet.

At that point the officer and another officer entered the cell. The officer was then allegedly assaulted by Rosado and the two officer had to use force to bring him under control.

In a separate incident on the same day an officer was conducting a routine transport of inmate John Coutu. Coutu attempted to pull away from the officer causing both individuals to fall to the floor causing injury to the officer.

On March 31, another incident occurred where a note was sent to a correctional officer including a veiled threat.

Investigators were able to identify the writer using handwriting samples. The inmate was then escorted to segregation and strip search where officers discovered a razor blade tucked in his sock.

“Unfortunately, these types of incidents are part of a prison environment. We commend the officers and investigators for a job well done. Their quick action prevented a potentially dangerous situation from occurring,” said Susan Lamkins the Chief of Information and Public Relations of the Rhode Island Department of Corrections.

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