RIde’s pick up problems

By News Staff

Reporting by ABC 6 News Anchor John Deluca


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Everyday thousands of disabled Rhode Islanders depend on the state funded RIde program for transportation, but there are problems with the system.

Excessive wait times on the phone and for pick ups, or as we found out no pick up at all.

What's being done to improve the operation? And how long will it take to make things right for the state's most vulnerable citizens?

ABC 6 News Anchor John Deluca spoke with 41-year old Lee Walker who has Cerebral Palsy, spend any amount of time with Walker and you'll quickly notice his independent spirit but because of his condition he is forced to depend on others for everything.

Carolyn Davis has been using RIde since 2010; she says her experiences with RIde have been mixed. She thinks the problems can be traced back to tight scheduling with over booked drivers.

“I've been on busses in which somebody, a driver would be expected to drop me off in Woonsocket from Providence in 20 minutes and then be in North Kingstown in 25 minutes.”

Mark Therrien is in charge of the RIde program it does over 3 thousand trips a day.

He's well aware not all of them are perfect, “We don't hide from the fact that we know we have things to fix in this system that's why I was put in charge of it now.”

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