RIDOT hiring full-time and on-call/contract plow drivers

The state uses a mix of full-time, state-employed drivers and on-call, private contractors.

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – It’s only a matter of time.  As the winter season approaches, southern New Englanders are prepping for the inevitable: winter weather.  That has RIDOT beefing up its staffing to make sure there are enough plows ready to go.

Robert Rocchio is RIDOT’s Chief Engineer.  Rocchio says, “Every year, we use a combination of our own internal staff to plow in our trucks, and private plow vendors.”

They have room in the ranks for more people.  While they say they’re ready for the first storm, whenever it may happen, it’s a matter of having enough people during longer duration storms to give drivers a break and prevent dangerous plow driver fatigue.

Rocchio says, “We do have enough right now to adequately plow the roads and to make sure they’re safe and to the high standard – the same standard we usually provide.  However, we are still looking for more both private vendors and we’re looking for people to come join the RIDOT team and drive our trucks as a RIDOT worker.”

To work for the state as a full-time driver, you’ll need a commercial driver’s license (CDL).  If you’re interested in on-call contract work, you’ll also need your own equipment.

Rocchio says, “It’s a simple signup process and we try to utilize all our vendors.  If we don’t use you on one storm, we’ll use you on the next storm.  We try to make sure that every vendor gets an opportunity to plow for us.”

If you’re interested, visit RIDOT’s website for more information.

Rocchio says, “Anyone interested, there’s opportunities there.  The rates are competitive, we believe.  We’re looking for people and we will be throughout the winter.”

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