RIDOT Officials: reminder for drivers – stay in your lane

By: Alana Cerrone


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Monday morning was the first commute since Sunday’s lane changes at the Providence viaduct, splitting the highway with two lanes on the left that go through to 95-South and one on the right that also goes through.

The far right lane is still an exit only for Atwells Ave.

"People are getting that message and they are being very cooperative, and the results this morning show it," said RIDOT Director Peter Alviti, about the new signage working.

Despite Alviti’s optimism that drivers are picking it up, there were still some fender-benders.

"Stay in your lane and all of the lanes of traffic will get you continuing on 95 South," said Alviti, reminding drivers not to switch lanes at the barrier.

Crews spent much of the day Sunday making the signs easier to read and understand both overhead, and on the road.

The goal of course to prevent nightmare commutes like we saw last week when the original change sent drivers into a state of confusion.

"The existing pattern we expect to stay in place because it’s working effectively," said Alviti.

It’s advised to not get too comfortable with this flow of traffic because beginning Saturday it will change again as RIDOT moves southbound traffic onto the new bridge one lane at a time.

ABC6 News will bring you those changes as we get closer to the weekend.

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