Crews prepare for potentially messy commute due to snow

By: Melissa Randall

Twitter: @MelissaARandall

Snow is falling across Rhode Island for the second time in just two days, but this time those pesky flakes are sticking around. State DOT crews working around the clock to get ahead of the storm.  

“We will not only have our crews out there which is 80 – 100 trucks, but then we'll also have our private vendors assisting and that could be upwards of 100 trucks as well,” said Rose Amoros, Public Affairs Officer for the RI DOT.

Many of those trucks stopped at the Warwick salt bard off of Jefferson Blvd before hitting the roadways. They will be sanding, salting, and plowing every inch of snow that stick to the highways.  

“We still have pavement temperatures that are above 32 degrees, so the snow should be melting on contact,” said Amoros.

But mother nature isn't being so nice in other ways. The timing of the storm could make for a messy commute from the state roads to city streets.  

“Today it's a little bit problematic because it's during the work day, during the work week. Schools in session so there will be buses on the road,” said Peter Gaynor, Director of Providence EMA.

City crews are hoping to get all roads treated before rush hour. They'll have their entire fleet, 30 trucks, out fighting snow. 

“If you don't have to be out there tonight, if you can delay it go do some shopping at the mall, Christmas shopping, a good reason to stay off the streets we'd appreciate it in a lot of ways,” said Gaynor.

The storm could interrupt afternoon bus drop offs. Parents are urged to be patient. They should expect some delays, especially in urban areas.

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