RIDOT prepares for storms

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Sunday’s storm will be the first big one we’ve seen so far this season and because we’ve had to wait a little bit longer the Rhode Island DOT is more than ready to go.

Tomorrow’s morning commute will be a little messy and RIDOT crews will be treating the roads as soon as the snow starts. But they really have their sights set on Sunday’s storm.

It’s halfway through January and the fleet of RIDOT plows hasn’t had to hit the road yet.

“It’s been pretty mild so far, we’ve been lucky,” says Joe Bucci with RIDOT.

But that’s about to change.

“It’s been mild for so long the trucks are all in good shape we’ve got 130 of our own trucks we’ve got about 400 vendor trucks available to us. Salt stockpiles are full so there’s not much that we need to do to prepare, we’ve been prepared for awhile,” says Bucci.

The first storm of the season always catches people’s attention but it’s a whole different story in Foster.

“I already have a twitch in my eye thinking about,” says Joyce Gervasio.

Foster usually hits the jackpot so preparing for and riding out a storm is second nature.

“We have plenty of canned goods, always are prepared, we never have to run out for our milk and our bread because we always have it,” says Gervasio.

Since we’ve made it this long without a big storm, “they haven’t had to have any snow days yet for school, maybe with these storms happening Sunday and having Monday as the holiday, maybe quick knock on wood, they won’t have to cancel school,” she says.

The mild winter has been good for RIDOT’s budget but they say they’re not counting on it staying that way for the whole season. They also want to pass along the usual common sense tips when driving slow down and give the plow trucks plenty of space.

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