RIDOT starts internal restructuring to help fix state’s roads, bridges

By Alana Cerrone



RIDOT unveiled its plans Wednesday to rebuild itself, so it can rebuild Rhode Island.

RIDOT says it’s revamping the way it does business so it can better address projects like the state’s roads and bridges.

When Governor Raimondo came into office…she said one of her first priorities was to make the DOT more efficient. The state has the worst bridges in the country…and the second worst roads. Now DOT has announced its plans to change all that.

The plan starts with holding DOT employees more accountable, assigning project managers, and making them responsible for budgets and schedules. They also want to roll out a 10-year-plan to help officials focus on road and bridge maintenance,which is much cheaper than re-construction.

They are also working on reassigning jobs within the organization.

Director Peter Alviti says, “We’ve funded administration positions with titles such as photographer…well we don’t need photographers as much as we need maintenance workers to drive these trucks and fix the roads."

As far as funding goes, the goal is to make better use of the money they already have, but also make a case for why they could use more. 

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