RIPTA changes to start Saturday

Olivia Cianci

RIPTA changes their schedules three times a year with the seasons. The change to start Saturday is a little more involved with busses changing routs, times and even bus names.

RIPTA is implementing its Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) to ensure that the changes throughout the state are also reflected in the bus scheduling, and that they're able to do so within the budget they're given. The COA will take place throughout the next two years as one of RIPTA's major initiatives, along with improving technology and facilities.


RIPTA says that major changes include: direct service from Coventry/West Warwick to Warwick Mall on Route 13 (Arctic/Washington); new improved frequency key corridor service on Routes 21 (Reservoir) and Route 31 (Cranston St.); and the realignment of Routes 3 (Warwick Avenue), 30 (Arlington/Oaklawn), 32 (West Barrington), 34 (East Providence), 40 (Butler/Elmgrove), and 55 (Admiral/Providence College). Route 56 (Chalkstone Ave.) will now serve the V. A. Hospital on all trips. Routes 26 (Atwells/RI College) and 53 (Smithfield Ave.) have been discontinued. Route 26 passengers may us the newly extended service on Route 92 (RI College / Federal Hill / East Side); Route 53 passengers may use Route 72 (Weeden/Central Falls).

Passengers are strongly encouraged to check RIPTA's newly designed schedules for how service changes may affect them. They may also pick up the leaflet entitled Fall Service Changes Effective August 24, 2013 that is available at Kennedy Plaza. For schedules and more information, passengers may call 401-781-9400, or visit

The following routes will be affected by the fall service changes:

3 Warwick Avenue

13 Coventry / Arctic / Warwick Mall

18 Union Avenue

21 Reservoir / Garden City

26 Atwells / RI College

27 Broadway / Manton

30 Arlington / Oaklawn

31 Cranston Street

32 East Providence / Wampanoag

33 Riverside

34 East Providence

40 Butler / Elmgrove

49 Camp St.

53 Smithfield Avenue

55 Admiral / Providence College

56 Chalkstone Avenue

57 Smith Street

71 Broad Street

73 Mineral Spring / Twin River / CCRI

76 Central Avenue

80 Armistice Blvd.

90S North Scituate Park-n-Ride

90W Westerly Park-n-Ride

92 Rhode Island College / Federal Hill / East Side