RI’s first licensed medical marijuana consulting center opens in Warwick

By: Alexandra Cowley


Rhode Island's first medical marijuana consulting firm has been given the stamp of approval by the Department of Health. B&B consulting in Warwick helps patients get into the state's medical marijuana program. With the new state license, they hope to separate themselves from the illegitimate facilities.

For the past two years Jessica Cotton has been running B&B Consulting. A medical marijuana evaluation center in Warwick. Now, the state is giving its seal of approval.

Starting the company was her husband William's idea. He's been living with MS for 15 years and is a licensed medical marijuana patient.

William Cotton said, “it relieves my pain, it relieves my muscle spasms, I have real bad back pain, I don't have that.”

Since they opened, they've helped 1000 people. The office has two doctors that examine and write prescriptions for medical marijuana. Then owner Jessica Cotton holds their hand through the lengthy process of fees and applications required to get into the state's medical marijuana program. It costs 200 dollars for the center's services. 

“With our assistance, they're able to navigate through the program. Its kind of confusing to some patients to because once they come in and they're like ok now what do I do,”explained Jessica Cotton.

The Cottons decided to apply for a Department of Health license to separate themselves from other facilities like theirs. They say, some other facilities are breaking the laws.

“It's important to me not to have the stigma of a pot shop or pot doctor. We are licensed, we are the first ones in the country and the state, and I believe this is the way to go. We should have monitoring,” said William.

With the Department of Health's license, B&B Consulting will now be regulated with random checks. Their patient information will also be monitored to be sure the medical marijuana prescriptions are legitimate.

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