RI’s tourism campaign won’t have slogan, just ‘Rhode Island’

By: Rebecca Turco
Email: rturco@abc6.com

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Rhode Island is ditching a tourism campaign slogan altogether, after axing "Cooler and Warmer" two weeks ago.

"The Tagline is Rhode Island," Commerce Secretary Stefan Pryor told reporters Wednesday, during a media briefing on his finance plan.

This, after $516,000 and three rounds of testing for the logo and tagline. Pryor took responsibility for the campaign’s disastrous rollout, even admitting the "Cooler and Warmer" idea wasn’t his first choice: "I wasn’t crazy about it to begin with and it’s grown on me."

Residents are still encouraged to come up with their own ideas, though. Local think-tank firm Epic Decade will be coming up with some way to collect and incorporate these. "It’s a campaign that involves multiple forms of media – social media, traditional media," Pryor explained.

There is still a little more than $2 million left of the $4.5 million tourism marketing budget to be rolled out in the coming months. Pryor says data shows a large portion of New Englanders and other "near-cationers" won’t be coming up with their summer plans until then.

On Wednesday, he testified before the House Finance Committee, asking for the same budget for next fiscal year.

In the meantime, Rhode Island will be getting back some rebates from a firm they used in the campaign rollout, amounting to around $120,000 between the innacurate video and overall efforts.
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